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LIKE A SALMON GOING BACK TO IT’S breeding grounds, every year I ride from the frozen Northeast or Dallas to Daytona, Florida, for Bike Week. If I’m riding down the coast, I have to be hermetically sealed in gear and wearing electric gloves, vest, and socks to keep from freez-ing my butt off, since the temps are usually in the 20s or teens when standing still. At highway speeds, it’s well below zero! As you would expect, my preferred route is from Dallas, where the temps, though only in the 40s or 50s, are a heck of a lot easier to deal with! But that doesn’t mean I get away with just a T-shirt. I still have to wear something under my leather jacket and blue jeans to keep the blood flowing. That’s where Gator Skins come into play. This new thermal underwear kept me nice and warm, without lots of bulky fabric. Gator Skins are knitted from an extremely thin, lightweight, and breathable fabric that’s also waterproof. Developed by DuPont researchers, this non- shrinking fabric, which is made of ultra microfibers smaller than a human red blood cell, holds in your body heat better than any other fabric. I stayed toasty warm and many times forgot I was even wearing them.01GatorSkinsRevie When I no longer needed them, both the shirt and pants rolled up into a bundle smaller than my jeans. Gator Skins are just what I needed for my cold weather road trips. Now if only somebody at Calvin Klein would see this review, maybe I can start a new career being a famous underwear model!


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Product Description

Gator Skins thermals are the warmest and best solution for cold weather motorcycle riding. In fact, they are a fantastic warm body answer for any outdoor activity in cold weather. Knitted from an extremely thin and lightweight material, that moves with the wearer. A breathable, rugged fabric that is waterproof and warms three times better than wool.  Great stuff!

The Gator Skins technology was developed by DuPont researchers from a new leading edge material. This micro fabric is knitted from ultra microfibers that are smaller than a human red blood cell, yet they hold a greater amount of warm air next to the body than traditional fabrics of equal or greater thickness. Gator Skins will keep you warmer in the cold and dryer in wet weather and still breath better than any other water repellent material you’ve tried.

Gator Skins Proudly made in the U.S.A.


  • Water repellent
    When fitted properly Gator Skins will repel water. Due to our circuitous cross-sectional knitting water will not penetrate the fabric.


    Though Gator Skins repel water they allow air to flow through the fibers. Air molecules are smaller than water molecules and move through the fabric, but the larger water is blocked by the micro fibers and turned away.

    Heat retention

    The secret of our performance lies in our patented construction and fabric. Ultra microfibers retain just the right amount of warm air next to the body insulating the body perfectly for a comfortable ride. Though Gator Skins is a breathable material, it still retains warmth in a miraculous new way. Due to the various fibers used, Gator Skins have the ability to allow some air to pass and some fibers to warm quickly and effectively hold onto warm air molecules. This second fiber has millions of tiny air pockets that trap warm air thus warming the fibers themselves, creating an inviting and pleasant experience.

    Damage proof

    Gator Skins will not fray, even if you somehow manage to tear a hole in one of our shirts, it will not fray. Due to the lock knit technology used, the damage will not increase.


Wow! This stuff is great. I’ve been looking for a product just like this for a long time. I like to ride when it is cold. I also like to ride during those marginal times when it starts of very cold in the morning but warms up enough that you end up needing lighter gear later in the day. A Gator-skins shirt and my mesh jacket work great together. I wish I had bought the pants, the gloves and the neck warmer. How about adding socks to the line. The older I get the more tempted I am to get heated gear but with a full set of Gator-skins I might just not be tempted next winter.

Frank Sindler.
Flintstone, GA 3/25/2009

I just received my Skins, pants, tops, Glove liners and neck. I am a fair weather rider and don’t go out if it gets down around 50 degrees. Today it was around 38 so I figured this would be a good test. I dressed in a T-shirt sweatshirt, jeans, light chaps and my leather jacket, and of course the complete set of Skins. Normally at this temp. I may get a mile or so. Today I did about 30 miles. I was very comfortable except for my finger tips, which would not have made it much further. Had it not been for my fingers I don’t know how far I could have gone. I may need to break down and buy a pair of electric gloves if I’m going to do much more cold weather riding. I am very happy with the Skins and would highly recommend them. Do you plan on getting them in socks?

Thanks, Dean
Yreka, CA 3/8/2009

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